Call for Articles, Papers, and
Letters to the Editor

The Esoteric Quarterly invites the submission of high-quality articles and short papers of interest to readers. We also invite readers to write letters to the editor commenting on articles and papers published in previous issues.
The Quarterly provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of a wide variety of topics within the field of esoteric philosophy. Topical interest includes both the eastern and the western esoteric traditions. Examples of the eastern tradition are the works of Helena Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, Sri Aurobindo, the Dalai Lama, and Geoffrey Hodson.†Works on Hermeticism, Kabbalah, and Rosicrucianism would be representative of the western tradition.†Articles and papers that compare or integrate different esoteric traditions are particularly encouraged. We also encourage the submission of articles and papers that seek a synthesis of esoteric philosophy and traditional religious beliefs and practices.
We value articles and papers that are on the cutting edge of their fields.†We also invite articles and papers covering basic concepts, so long as they are insightful and educational in nature. All articles and papers should be submitted to the†Editor-in-Chief. Please see Guidelines for Authors for information on the preparation and submission of manuscripts.

Full-Length Articles

The Esoteric Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal.†All full-length articles are blind refereed; reviewers do not know an authorís identity until after the publication decision is made. Submitted articles are evaluated by the Editorial Board or, where specialized topics are involved, by external referees experienced in the particular field. The recommendations of external referees are incorporated into the opinions of the Editorial Board. In all cases the decision of the Editorial Board is final.
We strive to evaluate articles in a timely manner, and in most cases a publication decision is made within six weeks from the date of submission. Articles of obvious merit and suitability are accepted for publication.†Articles that show promise, but need further work, are returned to authors with recommendations for rework and resubmittal.
It should be stressed that members of the Editorial Board or external referees do not need to agree with the position taken by an author in order to recommend publication. The role of The Esoteric Quarterly is not to defend orthodoxy. If any article is controversial, readers--or reviewers--may write rebuttal articles or letters to the editor challenging the author's thesis. Legitimate controversy is healthy and may trigger new understanding or larger synthesis. That said, authors are expected to present their theses in a professional manner and with appropriate support. We will not publish articles that make reckless, unsupported claims or that attack individuals, groups or nations.

Short Papers

Short papers are reviewed for quality and suitability for publication, but the review process is less rigorous than for full-length articles, and the standards for acceptance can be more flexible. For this reason, the submission of short papers may be particularly suited to students enrolled in esoteric schools, seminaries, or other educational institutions. We welcome newcomers to the esoteric community and encourage "young" or inexperienced authors to try their hand.† Having a short paper accepted for publication may help launch a person on on a lifetime of esoteric research and publication.

Previously Published Material

The Esoteric Quarterly is a journal of original publication.†All submitted articles and papers must be accompanied by a declaration that the author holds copyright to the work, including graphics, and that the article has neither been published elsewhere nor is currently being considered for publication by another journal.†Authors wishing to submit material that has been, or will be, published in book form should make a proposal to the Editor-in-Chief showing how the material would be reworked to avoid duplication and to ensure suitability for publication in the Quarterly.†Please see Guidelines for Authors for information on the submission of manuscripts and tips for writing good articles and papers. For further information please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Letters to the Editor

We welcome letters to the editor. One of the Quarterlyís objectives is to provide a forum for the discussion of topics raised in articles and papers. We do not, however, accept letters announcing events or promoting individuals, groups or organizations. Letters should be submitted to the†Editor-in-Chief, whose discretion on publication is final.