About The Esoteric Quarterly

The Esoteric Quarterly is a peer-reviewed, online journal serving the worldwide community of esoteric students. It is dedicated to esoteric philosophy and its applications to individual and group service and the expansion of human consciousness. The Quarterly is published by The Esoteric Quarterly, Inc., a nonprofit corporation based in Washington, DC. It is registered as an online journal with the National Serials Data Program of the United States Library of Congress, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1551-3874.

Copies of whole issues or individual articles may be downloaded at no charge, subject to copyright restrictions. The Esoteric Quarterly is copyrighted under international law. Content may be copied for personal use so long as copyright statements are included. Commercial use or distribution via Internet media is strictly prohibited without the written the consent of the Editor-in-Chief. Citations from articles or papers, of no more than 400 words, are permitted for research purposes.

We are indebted to Bill Brouard for generous permission to use the mandala graphic on each page of this website. For further information on Mr. Brouard's work see his Facebook page.

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The Esoteric Quarterly is staffed entirely by volunteers and is dependent on donations to maintain its operations. Please be generous in supporting the Quarterly to ensure its continued service to the esoteric community. Donate. For further information please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of The Esoteric Quarterly is an international team of individuals with long experience in esoteric studies:

Donna M. Brown, Editor-in-Chief (United States)
John F. Nash, PhD, Editor Emeritus (United States)

José Becerra, MD (Puerto Rico/United States)
Alison P. Deadman, PhD (United States)
Vijay Srinath Kanchi, PhD (India)
Irina Kuzminsky, DPhil (Australia)
Celeste Jamerson, DMA (United States)
Miguel Malagreca, PhD (Italy
James Moffat (Canada)
Katherine O'Brien (New Zealand)

Miguel Malagreca, PhD, Facebook Administrator (Italy)


The Esoteric Quarterly was established in 2004 under the sponsorship of the School for Esoteric Studies, Asheville, North Carolina. John Nash, founding editor, continues to serve as Consulting Editor. Donna Brown was appointed Editor-in-Chief in 2008.

Volume 9, number 1, Spring 2013, was the first issue of the Quarterly published as an independent journal. The decision to spin off the Quarterly as an independent entity was beneficial to both parties. For our journal it provided an opportunity to reach out to a larger readership and perhaps to establish relationships with a number of esoteric schools. Meanwhile, we express our sincere thanks to the School for Esoteric Studies for its support during the Quarterly’s formative years and also acknowledge that copyright of material through volume 8 remains with the School for Esoteric Studies.